What is Your Vision?

When we begin working together, the first question I am likely to ask is, “What is your vision?” Whether you’re a church or a small business, I want to understand what it is you are trying to do and, just as importantly, why you’re trying to do it. Before we ever begin to discuss your financial situation you must be crystal clear about your vision going forward.

If you are a church, clarity of vision is required so your congregation understands how they are to engage; how they can give sacrificially of their lives in support of your vision for serving God’s people wherever you are. It will also be the litmus test for your programs and your budget. The question must always be asked, “Does this align with the vision?” If you cannot answer in the affirmative, that may be an indication that things have wandered off track.

Similarly, business owners must be absolutely clear about their vision so as to avoid trying anything and everything to make a buck. Yes, sometimes “pivots” are necessary but most of the time you will need to focus your efforts to make any real progress and as you grow, your team will need to understand the vision. Money is nice but at a certain point it stops being a motivator and your people will need to understand and share your passion for the vision just to come into work in the morning.

So, what is your vision? Think you have it? I hate to break it to you but your vision probably sounds like your mission statement and, if so, it’s too general. Take that vision and ask your self again, what is my vision? Answer it this time without using any of the same words. Got it? Describe your vision a third time, again without using any of the same words. Tired of me yet? Do it a fourth and final time. Describe your vision without using any of the phrases you used the first, second, or third time.

It’s too easy to say, “We are striving to be the best in XXX industry through technology and industry leading innovation.” That’s meaningless. “We are a place for all God’s people to come and worship.” Got it. So are the seven other churches in town. Why has God called you to minister in this place and how has He called you to do it?

I am 100% convinced God has called you to minister in that place, to build a business, to lead a church. The real question is why and how?

Not crystal clear on your vision? I’d love to talk about it with you. Contact me here.

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